Terrance Cummings Studio

  "Cummings uses vibrant colors and African motifs to establish himself as a masterful illustrator who meshes literature, music, dance, and theatrics to create an energetic art without boundaries."

The Washington City Paper

A Graduate of Parsons School of Design, Terrance Cummings has over 20 years experience as a Designer and Illustrator. His clients include, Chase Investment Banking, The United Nations, Random House Books, Viking Penguin Pub., and many other major Publishing Houses and Institutions. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards, such as The Society of Illustrators, The Bookbinders Guild Award, and The American Illustration Award. Terrance says that " he draws his inspiration from a variety of sources, of which includes: Primitive African Art, The Renaissance Masters, Russian Propaganda Posters, The WPA movement, Cubism, Pop Art Culture and Art Deco.